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Our go-to-guide for all things natural in your nursery! We have handpicked the top rated, highest quality, natural or organic baby products for you to browse.

Our Top Picks for Natural Baby Products

Solely dedicated to natural products, furniture, and gear that is gentle and safe for your baby, while remaining environmentally sound and eco-friendly.  Focusing on the vast number of health benefits that natural products promote in your child, your home, and our world, The Natural Nursery includes heavily researched information on potentially harmful products, helpful reviews on natural products for your baby, and clear price comparisons on a wide range of natural, organic, and eco-friendly items for your home.

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Bath and Skin Care Products

Sweet, soft, and delicate – your baby’s skin is extremely vulnerable to the harsh chemicals found in the majority of shampoos and washing products on the market today.  Susceptible to damage that can cause discomfort, allergies, or long-term dermal damage, the importance of protecting and pampering your baby’s skin with natural bath products that are free of harmful chemicals simply cannot be overstated.  Beyond shampoos and soaps, skin products applied to the skin should be free of synthetic fragrances, petrolatum, quaternium, and literally dozens of other harmful chemicals commonly found in mainstream baby products. From baby oil, lotions, and sunscreen – choosing natural bath and skincare products for your baby will help prevent painful rashes, aggravating irritation, and limit exposure to future sensitivities.  Some wonderful companies to consider for your baby bath and skincare needs are Ever Eden and Wash with Water.

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For many parents, learning that much of the clothing found in major retailers can contain harmful chemicals and fibers is horrifying.  From ammonia to sulfuric acid, dioxin-producing bleach to caustic dyes, urea and beyond, clothing that is purchased from non-organic, non-natural sources can be teeming with harmful chemicals.  The chemicals found in most clothing purchased in the United States can cause harmful rashes, irritations, and in some situations – illness. The best way to protect your baby from the damaging effects of these unsafe chemicals is to choose clothing that is made from soft, natural, organic cotton.  Breathable, comfortable, and gentle on the skin, organic cotton is durable and soft – providing comfort for your baby and peace of mind for you. Free of pesticides, organic cotton also has a significantly smaller carbon-footprint: Win, win! Ready for an ‘out-of-this-world’ experience for your baby that is organic and adorable?  Consider this celestial long-sleeved bodysuit from Finn and Emma.

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Want to know what’s perfect about this organic wooden stacking toy from Maya Organic??


With an affordable price, perfectly proportioned for little hands, fun colors, and handmade from durable and natural wood, this toy is just one example of how wonderful natural toys can be for little ones.  Unlike the harmful chemicals in plastic toys that have been linked with hormonal shifts, chemical burns, and lead poisoning, natural toys made from wood, cotton, and other natural materials provide all the fun with none of the worry or potential harm.

Top Picks for Natural Toys


Unbeknownst to many parents, major market disposable baby diapers could be chock full of harmful chemicals capable of causing serious skin conditions or health complications.  Beyond rashes and allergic reactions, chemicals that can be found in non-organic diapers can cause urinary tract problems and severe diaper rash. Thankfully, there are dozens of incredible alternatives to diapers with chemicals, from organic cloth diapers, organic diaper pads, to safer disposable diaper options.   In addition to soft and absorbent organic cotton diapers, alternative fabrics such as bamboo also offer outstanding protection with no harsh chemicals. Consider trying The Honest Company for natural and safe disposable diapers or OsoCozy Diapers for organic cotton reusable diapers.

Our Favorite Natural Diaper Options


Ask yourself:  Would I want my baby laying on harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or carcinogens like polybrominated diphenyl ethers for 10-18 hours a day?  Of course not. Unfortunately, that is exactly what can happen if you choose the wrong crib mattress for your baby to sleep on. Full of chemicals that have known links to a variety of toxicities, developmental delays, and cancer-causing agents, non-organic mattresses can lead to serious health issues for your child.  Off-gassing is a common occurrence with non-organic mattresses, placing these harmful chemicals in direct contact with your sleeping baby, through the skin and lungs.

Choosing an organic mattress for your baby does more than simply eliminate exposure to these harmful chemicals and compounds, it delivers huge health benefits for your baby – ensuring a restful sleep and improved health outcomes.  Made from naturally hypoallergenic materials, naturally resistant to dust mites, breathable, and moisture wicking – an organic crib mattress like the one from My Green Mattress will help you and your baby sleep sweetly every night.  (And for more great tips on getting a great night’s rest, read our tips on Better Sleep.)

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The thrill of setting up your baby’s nursery is a unique experience for every parent, driven by the anticipation and excitement of finally meeting your bundle of joy. Picking out furniture that matches the nursery theme is often a focus of the parents-to-be, as well as choosing pieces that are safe for their child.  Often when choosing safe furniture, the focus is limited to wall-mounts, durability, or spacing – but what about dangerous chemicals? With the majority of mainstream retailers selling nursery furniture made from harmful chemicals with known health impacts, purchasing furniture from organic certified dealers is of the utmost importance.

From harmful plastics to cancer causing agents such as a variety of volatile organic compounds and toxins found in the glue, coatings, and building materials – the furniture you select for your baby’s nursery could have a profound impact on their overall health.  Choosing certified organic furniture dealers such as Amish Outlet Store will not only protect your child from potential respiratory complications, allergic reactions, or neurological damage, it will help protect the environment by using sustainable, organic, and natural materials.  Beautiful, healthy, and natural – the furniture your baby deserves.

Top Picks for Natural Furniture


You dress your baby in soft, durable, and sustainable organic cotton clothing.  You swaddle them in warm and comforting organic cotton blankets. You diaper them in absorbent and naturally wicking organic cotton reusable diapers and pads.

…shouldn’t your baby also be sleeping on organic cotton crib sheets?

The same harmful chemicals found in synthetic or heavily processed fabrics often used in clothing, blankets, and diapers are found in non-organic bedding.  With the potential to cause rashes, allergic reactions, or serious conditions such as neurological impacts or breathing impairment, it is important for your baby’s optimal health to avoid non-organic sheets and bedding.Organic cotton crib sheets and bedding provides the long-lasting durability of cotton, as well as the softness and comfort that will soothe and comfort your child – all while keeping them healthy and safe.  The crib sheets, mattress protector, and comforter options at American Baby Company combine the natural and healthy benefits of organic cotton sheets with the stylish comfort that will help your baby sleep like, well, a baby.

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Helpful Tips

Protecting your baby from harmful toxins and chemicals is a never-ending commitment to your child’s health and wellness.  As such, being vigilant on the latest tips, tricks, and products designed to keep your baby safe is both a labor of love and a true necessity for every parent.

Check back on this list regularly for updates.

  • Avoid Fragrances  Most fragrances are synthetic and have direct ties to rashes, allergies, and potential health hazards.
  • BPA-Free  With several scientific studies linking BPA frequently found in plastic bottles, toys, cups, and furniture to hormonal imbalances and health risk, it is important to ensure if you have to expose your child to plastic, the materials are BPA-Free
  • Do Your Research  Most products are not going to go out of their way to identify problematic materials – take the time to research ingredients and materials that your baby will be exposed to.
  • Focus on CERTIFIED Organic  There are a lot of unscrupulous companies out there, claiming that their product is clean, organic, or natural.  Buyer beware! Always double check that your products are certified.

Take Off Your Shoes  While you might not use pesticide or harmful chemicals on your lawn – your neighbors or local park might.  When you wear your shoes in the house, you track in all the chemicals you have walked around in – all but ensuring your crawling baby or toddler will come into direct contact with them.  Even chemical-free lawns can have unknown contaminants, like bits of animal waste. To alleviate this problem, always remove shoes when inside and regularly clean any surface that your child comes in contact with.

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