A Modern Nursery with a Traditional Touch

A Modern Nursery with a Traditional Touch

This Delta Children’s crib is the focal point of this elegant nursery design. With fun animal additions and a strong patterned rug, this nursery provides a modern look with a traditional touch!

For this month’s design we were able to find several of the actual products in the picture, and then found some very similar products to recreate the look as closely as possible. For the rug, we went with a shag version to provide a soft feel while walking around the crib. The glider chair that we found comes with an ottoman, which could be very useful while snuggling the baby before transitioning to the crib.

This dresser is very functional with the smaller drawers on the top to easily organize all of your baby essentials that might be needed right there in the nursery. With plenty of room in the lower, wider drawers for blankets, nappies, onsies, and anything else that might be needed.

The stuffed animals add a fun feature for your baby to appreciate as they grow. Especially the 4 foot tall giraffe that adds a splash of color to the room!

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