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Nurzery is committed to providing helpful information, advice, and reassurance that every parent needs to promote healthy, restful, and restorative sleep for your baby (and you).

Tips & Tricks for a Better Night’s Rest!

Countless studies have shown what every new parent already knows:  Life is happier, healthier, and easier when your baby is sleeping well.  From helpful tips, tricks, and hacks that will help your sweet baby gently drift into a solid slumber, to safe and reliable products that will promote healthy and natural sleep, Nurzery is your number one resource for reigning in elusive sleep.  Sleep can make all the difference in the world.  Every aspect of life, and specifically parenthood, is made a little bit easier when your baby gets uninterrupted, quality sleep – and Nurzery is committed to helping you find it.

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Sleepy Music

There is something magical about a lullaby.  The soothing, calming sounds of gentle music seem to effortlessly whisk us away to sweet dreams and restful sleep in a way that few other things can.  However, for babies, the benefits of sleepy time music go far beyond pretty music and comforting sounds.

Sleepy music for babies can help establish natural coping mechanisms, healthy routines, and self-regulation skills that will help them throughout their entire lives.  Without the benefit of language to help them understand or express nighttime discomfort or frustration, sleepy music uses the universal language of melody to help ease stress and invite sleep.

For parents, the relief of knowing your child is gaining useful skills and a good night sleep can help alleviate the anxiety of bedtime.  Free Apps such as Sleepy Sounds by OwenTech can help provide comfort, routine, and rest for your child (and you)!

Sound Makers

Following a series of groundbreaking studies on the subject in the 1990s by the National Institute of Health, sound makers and white noise machines have become a regular addition to many nurseries, due in large part to the number of emotional and physical health benefits.

Sound makers and white noise machines can mimic a heartbeat, play soothing sounds, or gentle music – resulting in an astonishing 80% of babies falling asleep within five minutes of a sound maker being turned on.  When purchasing a sound maker or white noise machine, it is important to assess the size of the room it will be placed in and the proximity to the baby.  Placing a machine either too close to the child or too far away in a large room could result in the noises being too loud or too quiet, rendering them almost entirely useless.

With several reviews available online, finding the right sound maker for your child is quick and easy – resulting in sweet, sweet sleep for you and your baby.

Here are our top five picks, so finding the right sound maker for your child is quick and easy – resulting in sweet, sweet sleep for you and your baby.

Baby Books

Studies have consistently shown that quality time spent before bedtime reading books reinforces strong familial bonds, expands and strengthens language development, and bolsters lifelong creativity in babies.

Creating a nighttime routine based around sleepy-time stories can also create a sense of rhythm and promote healthy coping skills as the child grows.  This wonderful bonding time will help give your baby something to look forward to each night, open the door towards self-soothing, and encourage conversation and communication throughout their childhood.

Choosing sweet and restful stories in a peaceful environment will help ease your baby to restful sleep and promote a healthy sleep schedule.  The results?  A more even tempered, better behaved, and healthy child during the day – and it all starts with a bedtime story the night before.


Cribs can be a baby’s best friend. They are the safest place for the baby to sleep. Much before a baby can admire its décor, they start feeling at home as soon as they are put in their cribs for sleep. A proper crib is important to help baby sleep better, safer, and longer. A comfortable and cozy crib, placed right next to the bed or close to bed at night can help parents to feed and watch over their babies while getting some sleep themselves too.

Using a crib may also help manage babies’ sleep patterns by developing sleep associations. A movable, adjustable, and strong crib ensures safe and sound sleep for your baby at night as well as in the day hours.


The quality of mattresses ensures a comfortable and prolonged night’s sleep. As much as we strive to feed our babies a healthy diet, ensuring their general well-being through simple lifestyle changes is also essential.  The cleanliness and quality of mattress can save your little ones from multiple risks. Organic mattresses made of wool, cotton or latex are eco-friendly and help avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals, harsh flame retardants, and toxic materials. A baby who has to sleep for a good 10 to 12 hours on a mattress has to be secured from inhaling in an unhealthy environment.

A soft, comfortable, good quality mattress provides not only comfort and support to the baby but also impact their long-term health.

Here is a list of our favorite, highest-rated, conventional crib mattresses.  All of them are dual sided; for a crib on one side and a toddler bed on the other side.  Also check out our Natural Nursery page if you are looking specifically for organic, or GREENGUARD Certified mattresses!

More Mattresses

Nursery Beds and Bassinets

Especially in the first months of life, many parents choose to create a cozy sleeping cocoon for their baby by choosing a bassinet or nursery bed over a large and bulky crib.  The convenience of having a bassinet next to the parent’s bed has shown to reduce anxiety in not just the baby, but the parents as well – resulting in a reduction of post-partum impact, a higher sense of bonding, and reduced stress on the child during times of nighttime discomfort.

Contrary to what one might expect, new parents report higher levels of sleep satisfaction when choosing a bassinet or nursery bed in the first several months of life. Beyond the convenience of nighttime sleep and routine, having a nursery bed, bassinet, or other mobile sleeping option also helps promote healthy rest for your infant while running errands, visiting friends, or working in the office.  With a variety of safe and comfortable mobile options, your baby can find solid rest nearly anywhere your day finds you!

More Nursery Beds and Bassinets

Baby Monitors

It can be argued that high-quality baby monitors are among the single most important safety product in your home.  The ability to check on your infant without ever having to wake them has helped save lives, while promoting healthy sleep habits by ensuring uninterrupted sleep for the child. Baby monitors can also help promote healthy habits for the parents as well as the child – significantly reducing residual anxiety, stress, and worry for the parent, ultimately leading to additional sleep and reduced post-partum impacts over a long period of time.

The importance of choosing a quality baby monitor and picking a company with reputable Internet security will help keep your child protected, your home safe, and your mind at ease.  For more information about other baby tech products that will keep your entire family physically safe and mentally healthy, check out our Featured Baby Tech Products page.

Helpful Tools

There is no greater gift a parent can give their infant than a sweet, solid, restful night of sleep.  With thousands of products on the market to help create the ultimate sleep schedule for you and your baby and an endless supply of tips and tricks, here is our ever evolving list of tips that will make the biggest impact on sleepy time for your baby (and you)!

  • Setting a Sleep Schedule: Children thrive on routine, and creating a sleep schedule will promote healthy rest and comforting structure that will help them grow to be their best.
  • Auto-Dimming Night Light: As more studies come out about the negative impacts of blue-light and sleep, it is important to pick a nightlight that dims itself naturally and contains no harmful rays that will disrupt your baby’s sleep cycle. (Like the Hatch Baby Night Light)
  • Journal: There are a lot of details to parenting, and journaling your baby’s sleep cycle can be critical to identifying potential pitfalls and problems quickly. (This is great not just for sleep, but for food, fabrics, and bathroom time!)
  • Comfy Pajamas and Sleep Bags: Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to rest.  Choosing soft fabrics for pajamas and sleep bags will help lull your babe into a wonderful, restful, and restorative sleep.


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